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A room with a view…

…not mine though.


The view from a building in a residential district of Beijing.


Some new neighbourhood just across the road in the same district.


Gas is used for cooking, heating, hot water, everything…

More old stuff

More stuff from March09


Believe it or not. This is what the biggest mosque in Xi‘An looks like. The heart of the Muslim Hui Minority culture there.


Stone Buddha with Swastika, not what you think…often means harmony here.


Senior whipping a top. Makes some humming sound while spinning. Quite funny to watch how they really get into it and beat it while getting cheered up by the bystanders.

Old stuff (click pics to enlarge)

Just for the sake of testing and having something on it, let’s see some pics I took in March this year. These are some impressions from my round trip through Xi‘An, Sichuan, Shanghai and Beijing.


This is the first and largest part of the terracotta army discovered so far. There are 2 more halls. A really tiny with mostly broken figures and a big hall with a lot of stuff not yet excavated which really gives you the creeps but is too dark to take good pictures of because the freshly excavated figures loose their colors real fast in normal lighting conditions.


These are my friends from the PLA on the bus ride back to Xi‘An. Waiving their hands excitedly until their truck took one hit after another from the holes in the road.


This is breakfast in Xi‘An. Cold sausage, bean curd and hot and spicy noodles. Not in the pic: chinese hamburger made of beef and flour dough. Delicious.


Dinner in Xi‘An. Chicken and sweet lotus. And yes, they drink beer from these small glasses like in Cologne xD


This is one of the most peaceful places in Beijing, the new Summer Palace. I was having a blast just walking around the lake in this scenery. The Buddhist temple behind the big hall in the background has a strange atmosphere to it. Unlike many other temples in Beijing it is not restored and you can feel history’s decay.