Dong Yue Temple


The Gate for this taoist temple stands outside on the other side of the road. It’s just decorative, the temple gates themselves are thick and small.


This guy is one of the generals announced by god Dong Yue. It is said he can fight his enemies just by snorting.


This general was said to have the power of frightening his opponents with his yellow breath. Yeah, sure…


The temple is full of stylish tablets with inscriptions carved into.


Over 100 of them standing around.


The most important ones enshrined in these kind of towers.


The old trees in the temple are praised as well. The red stuff on their fences are cards with wishes from visitors or sometimes telephone numbers from expats :D


I‘ve been to several taoist temples but I still can not figure it out. Do they really believe demons give a shit about dos and don‘ts? I mean…seriously…