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Random stuff

I gotta disappoint anybody looking for a straight time line, but whatever. Here is some random stuff from the last weeks :)

I know what you are thinking, why so many food pics? haha I just love the food. One downside though, for the quality given the Harbin beer is damn overpriced.


Worker’s Stadium. The fan shops for the local clubs are build in the outside like satellites.


Why build this way? Because you can!^^ some buildings have funny features at night, e.g. when those freaky lightning rods are lid to sparkle in the wind.


More random architecture shots. This government building looks like the embassy where I got my Visa. Guess where if you dare.

Bei Hai Park


Bei Hai Park is a nice park to have a relaxed walk and check out some ancient stuff on the way. I have no idea why I ignored this place for so long.


Inside this building is a beautiful statue made of white jade. The jewelry used looks royal and the golden gown is one of a kind but as for most of the real historic inside action that is not restored in any way there are no pics allowed to protect the colors from fading.


Inside the temples the minor gods are lined up on the left and right wings and in the center you got one or 3 major figures the temple is dedicated to.


The white pagoda. The architectural sites are astonishing. Many ‚white wine‘ producers take this as a model for the shape of their bottles. The ‚white wine‘ here is actually distilled hard liquor.


In this park are the most skilled seniors with a brush I ever saw. They ask the girls passing by to stand still for 30 seconds and use water to paint these fading pieces of art in such a relaxed fashion, it’s amazing.


Hou Hai


Hou Hai is one of the big lakes in the city center. Together with Bei Hai und Qian Hai it forms the Bar District.
Behind the trees is the Drum Tower a masterpiece to stare at.


South of Hou Hai is one of the most frequented parts of the historic Hutong style areas.

A room with a view…

…not mine though.


The view from a building in a residential district of Beijing.


Some new neighbourhood just across the road in the same district.


Gas is used for cooking, heating, hot water, everything…

More old stuff

More stuff from March09


Believe it or not. This is what the biggest mosque in Xi‘An looks like. The heart of the Muslim Hui Minority culture there.


Stone Buddha with Swastika, not what you think…often means harmony here.


Senior whipping a top. Makes some humming sound while spinning. Quite funny to watch how they really get into it and beat it while getting cheered up by the bystanders.